Intermediary Testimonials

Glowing reviews from satisfied intermediaries.

See for yourself, the glowing reviews we have received from satisfied intermediaries

“We’ve worked with April for several years, recommending both the individual and business products. Compared to certain insurers the support service we’ve received is both responsive and personal. We particularly like the way that we are kept informed, step by step, about the progress of our applications. Both the online quoting and application processes are simple. We find it particularly useful being able to talk directly to the underwriting team when we need extra clarity with regards the underwriting stance for unusual medical conditions. Feedback from our clients about claims handling has been positive and the community rating means claims don’t directly increase individual client’s renewal premiums, this is a real positive when renewing policies.  In summary we’d say April are innovative and responsive and a great alternative to the big boys.”


Martin Blain, Managing Director, 

“Excellent customer service is really important to the UK Health Insurance team and our clients, and we have always been impressed with the efficient service April UK have delivered. Their team is helpful, friendly and professional, and offer a refreshingly personal approach at all levels. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend April UK to others.”


Adam Sherring, Sales Director, UK Health Insurance

“I happily recommend APRIL UK to my customers. They are managing to keep premiums very competitive for comprehensive health insurance in an otherwise expensive market. Service is excellent with all queries responded to promptly and professionally. One of the reasons I highlight APRIL as an insurer that all consumers should be considering is their community rated pricing which means policyholders do not have to worry they will be penalised with high premium increases at renewal if they have claimed something which is important in the current tough financial climate.”

David Morris, Insurance Consultant, Chase Templeton

“I have been working with April UK for a little over four years.

Throughout I have found them to be responsive, supportive and efficient in a number of different ways.

As a broker I find their quoting system user-friendly and their offerings generally competitive. Their broker support has been constant and close.

Their initiatives, such as the InSpire policies and their Lifestyle Protector product are a welcome addition to the market.

Their ‘community-rated’ premiums help financial managers to plan for the future more realistically.

A number of customers have been enabled to move to April UK and whilst ‘the absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence’ to say there have been no complaints is a positive sign.

The corollary of that is that there have been plaudits, from my experience of on-boarding policies to customers with positive feedback about the claims process which is, after all, the test ‘par excellence’ of the value of a policy. It is all very well being administratively tidy and responsive and financially competitive but the essence has to be “to be there when needed”.

One customer, recently concerned about his wife having to suffer some serious discomfort in an A & E situation, when asked afterwards, said “oh, the guys at April were great. They said – right, let’s see how we can help to get your wife’s condition moving for the better -  and proceeded to do just that.”

Some insurers seem keen to take premiums and promise all sorts. In my experience, April UK comes up with the goods when needed.

Their claim to be a challenge to the insurance world by their concentration on a customer focus is borne out by experience.”

David Connell, Senior Consultant, Caprica Healthcare

“I have worked with Oliver for several years. He has always demonstrated a great knowledge of his business and products. 

 He has always looked at ways in which our two businesses can work together better for the benefit of all and has been keen to support us and our consultants in meeting these objectives. He is always happy to get involved to sort out any issues and communicates changes being made in a clear and timely way.

 Oliver is reliable member of the April team.”

Claire Ginelli, Managing Director, Premier Choice Healthcare

“We pride ourselves on the quality of advice we offer our customers and part of that includes recommending a PMI provider that we can trust. APRIL UK seem to tick all the right boxes, combining a good range of benefits with competitive pricing and are a welcome addition to our PMI panel.”

Richard Kerton, Head of Medical Insurance, PMI Partners

"It gives me great pleasure to mention what I have experienced with working with April UK and our representative Jo Wood.

Firstly, it is somewhat difficult to establish a new contact and an Insurance company such as yourselves,to send in business. From the very beginning it has been a pleasure to meet and discuss business and the future with Jo .Who is extremely pleasant and always does what she says she is going to do.

Equally so, are all the staff in Bristol who are  so helpful and obliging. This does apply to everyone.

April’s ideals and methods should be emulated by other insurers in this industry as it needs stability and so far everything has worked well.

I wish you all at April continued success."

Howard M.Sheard, HMS Healthcare

“Oliver has been a delight to work with; he is very professional and fully supportive when dealing with any issues or challenges. He can be relied upon to take onboard any feedback and act upon changes that are required.

We believe he is responsible for the positive development of our account with April UK.”

David Claire, Director, Flexible Health

“I have been selling APRIL’s products for several months. The products are easy to understand, quote for and offer tremendous value for money. APRIL’s customer service is first class and decisions can usually be made quickly regarding your client's suitability for cover. Having an online application service makes life easy for the broker and client. I will definitely be recommending APRIL for many of my clients.”

Liz Dorfman, Healthcare Consultant, Chase Templeton

“In the 13 months I have worked at Assured Futures I have had to get to know 12 different Insurers and how their private medical insurance fits in the market.  In the process of building relationships with new insurers, Oliver has been fantastic in helping me understand what makes April stand out from the crowd.  He has supported me through product changes and provided the team with coaching and training to help them ensure our customers get the right product at the right price.  When trying to put a customer with an insurer Oliver has been quick to respond to queries and I have been delighted with all interactions I have had with him.”

Ian Pascall, Medical Insurance Team Manager, Assured Futures

“Thank you very much for your dedicated, efficient service. As a broker we are always able to rely on you to answer queries and help us with policy submission and administration. We appreciate your help and support and look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

Charlotte Smith, Team Leader, ActiveQuote

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