Discounted Bupa Health Assessments

As an APRIL UK policy holder you can benefit from a 25% discount off all Bupa Health Assessments. This includes a range of tailored medical assessments and expert guidance on how to improve your health.

How using discounted Bupa Health Assessments can help you:

Peace of mind:

APRIL UK now offers even greater peace of mind through discounted Health Assessments from healthcare specialists, Bupa.


Prevention better than cure:

Bupa Health Assessments deliver early detection of serious illnesses, providing improved health outcomes for the vast majority of medical conditions and could make the difference between minor adjustments now and serious problems later.


“We use our experience in offering a broad range of health assessments to help give you a clear picture of your health and how you can improve it.”


Bupa Health Assessments options:

Discounted Bupa Health Assessment for APRIL UK customers

Preparing for the future:

Through in-depth health assessments, Bupa can identify future medical risks and suggest practical ways to get healthier and fitter.

As part of this you’ll receive a practical report and lifestyle action plan, as well as follow-up telephone lifestyle support sessions with a health adviser, to help motivate you to achieve your goals.

Each assessment includes a range of tests designed to give you an indication of your general health, including cardiovascular health, diabetes risk and lung age.

Bupa has over 40 centres across the UK; offering the convenience of being assessed locally. Although many of these centres are in high demand, they aim to offer an appointment within three weeks, wherever possible.

Bupa health centres map

As part of your APRIL UK policy package, you’ll receive 25% off the cost of all Bupa Health Assessments.

Get in touch:

If you’d like to find out more about discounted Bupa Health Assessments, contact Bupa Customer Services on 0345 604 0612, quoting “APRIL UK” and reference number “948867”.

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