International Health Insurance with APRIL International UK

APRIL International UK is an international health insurance provider based in London, with over 30 years of experience.

Like APRIL UK, APRIL International UK is part of the APRIL Group. Founded in France, the APRIL Group has operations in 34 countries and over 6 million customers worldwide.

They are experts in providing comprehensive health insurance solutions for those living or working abroad. They have a number of different plans to suit a wide range of customer needs, including:

  • Long-term health insurance: designed for individuals and families living or working abroad for one year or more.
  • Short-term health insurance: for those who need international health cover ranging from a one month to a one year time period. This plan is ideal for those working abroad on short-term assignments or for travellers.
  • Student health insurance plan: for international students studying, working and travelling abroad for up to 12 months, with the option to extend cover after this time.
  • Group health insurance plan: designed for companies looking to provide health cover for employees working abroad.

You can find out more about APRIL International UK and their insurance solutions on their website:

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