What is an employee benefit scheme?

Employee benefits are various benefits or perks that you provide to employees, in addition to their normal wage. 

The idea is that if you look after your employees, they will look after your business. So employee benefits are often seen as a way for businesses to reward their employees, with the expectation that they will return the good-will through improved performance and loyalty.

There is growing evidence to support the view that an investment in employee benefits can lead to improved employee behaviour. Research from Willis Towers Watson found that 75% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their employee benefits package.

Employee benefits can come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose to pay for them outright. Or you can act as the bridge between a certain scheme and your staff, where you make it available to them but they pay the cost. Many schemes carry significant discounts, particularly when there’s a large number of staff involved

At APRIL UK we believe that an employee benefit scheme should be an important consideration for any business.

Why implement an employee benefit scheme?

Help to attract and retain talented people

Prove you care about the health and wellbeing of your staff
Help to keep your workforce healthy and motivated which can increase productivity
Keep your employees happy leading to increased loyalty and reduced staff turnover
Lower absenteeism and protect your bottom line

How much does an employee benefit scheme cost?

The cost of implementing an employee benefit scheme can vary depending on the size of your business and the type of scheme you offer.

Factors such as the age of your workforce can affect premiums, as well as the level of cover you choose to provide your staff with.

Group schemes often carry a generous discount, and you could benefit from significantly reduced premiums depending on the scheme you choose and the size of your workforce.


Schemes for all business sizes

Small Business

We have a range of plans ideal for family-run or small businesses, all of which are effective in protecting your staff.

Employee benefit schemes offer greater protection to smaller businesses than larger ones. Why? Simply because there’s a lot more risk to your business losing revenue or productivity if your staff can’t work. If your business can’t run, it doesn’t generate revenue, which means you don’t earn an income.

We can set up a scheme that protects you against these unwanted interruptions, and we can tailor it to suit your business. 

Small Medium Enterprise

Larger than a small business, but not quite the size of a large organisation? We can tailor a plan that’s the right fit for your business.

You know your staff are one of, if not your most important asset. And since you’re a medium-sized business, it’s crucial you look after them, particularly if you’re looking to expand and develop your business in the future.

You can offer an employee benefit scheme - such as a medical cash plan - to help motivate your staff, boost their productivity, and ultimately protect your bottom line.

What’s more, an employee benefit scheme can be a lot more affordable than offering costly pay rises. We can tailor one, or a combination of the schemes below to suit your business.


Our schemes don’t just help you motivate and retain staff. Many carry generous group discounts, particularly for larger corporate groups.

Today’s workers expect large businesses to offer employee benefit schemes. We can help you meet their expectations.

Whichever scheme you choose, you’ll take a smart step towards attracting future talent to your business, and retaining your current workforce.


Discover the range of employee benefit schemes we offer

Plans that protect against death

Death in service plan

What is a death in service plan?

Perhaps the simplest employee benefit plan available – this provides the family and dependants of your employees with a lump sum benefit, if they were to die while in employment. It’s a popular choice for businesses of all sizes with many using it as the foundation for their company’s employee benefits scheme.

Why offer death in service?

For the employer – it’s a low-cost benefit that’s easy to implement and you know your employees will value it.

For the employee – it’s easy to understand and provides valuable peace of mind for their family. They will recognise that their employer has gone above and beyond in putting this plan in place – a gesture they are sure to appreciate.

Relevant life insurance

What is relevant life insurance?
Relevant life insurance is a tax efficient way for a limited company to arrange life insurance for their employees, with the benefits being paid out to the employee’s family or financial dependants.
Premiums for relevant life insurance are usually viewed as an allowable business expense by HMRC. This means that the employer and employee can benefit from some generous tax-breaks including FULL Income Tax relief, National Insurance relief and Corporation Tax relief.


Save up to 49% on life insurance
The result is that your premiums could be reduced by up to 49% compared to a typical life policy for higher rate taxpayers. That could represent savings of hundreds of pounds, maybe thousands every year for you.


A great choice for company directors
Increasingly, more and more company directors are seeing this as a great way to buy life insurance to protect their own family – since they will benefit from both the tax savings available to the company and those for the employee.

Plans that protect against ill-health

Private medical insurance

What is group income protection?
All your employees will have a role to play in helping your business operate. So any prolonged period of absence caused by ill-health to any employee is likely to have a negative impact on your business. This is where private medical insurance could help as it provides fact access to high quality healthcare at private hospitals, including: Spire, BMI and Nuffield hospitals. Your employees will have fast access to treatment and care to help them return to work without delay.


Why offer private medical insurance?

For the employer – as your employees will have fast access to diagnostics and treatment, it means their medical condition can be seen and addressed quickly, leading to a faster return to work.
For the employee – no one wants to have a medical condition hanging over them. You’ll want to know as soon as possible whether you have a medical problem. And if you do, for it to be treated immediately before you suffer further, or the condition deteriorates. This is where Private Medical Insurance gives them the peace of mind that they’ll have fast access to care and this is why it is such a highly valued employee benefit.

By looking after your employee’s health, it shows you value them highly and in return they should show your business more loyalty and commitment.

Medical cash plan

What is a group medical cash plan?
Our Medical Cash Plan provides your employees with cash benefits to cover the cost of their routine medical expenses, such as trips to the dentist, optician or physiotherapist. It’s a low-cost benefit that helps your employees look after their health as well as their bank balance.

Why offer a group medical cash plan?
Your employees play a crucial role in the success of your business. Of course, you already know this. But are you doing enough to motivate them and make them feel valued? That’s where our Medical Cash Plan can help. By providing a plan that pays cash benefits towards routine medical expenses, you are effectively putting money back into their pockets - a gesture they are sure to appreciate.

Plans that protect against accidents and being unable to work

Personal accident plan

What is group personal accident insurance?
You already ensure health and safety standards are upheld at your business. But accidents don’t care about rules or regulations. They can happen to anyone, anywhere. That’s where our Personal Accident Plan helps to ease the pain and inconvenience by paying your employees a lump sum benefit if they suffer a specified injury – whether at work or at home.

Why offer group personal accident insurance?
You never want a member of staff to suffer a serious accident – whether it’s on your premises or outside of work. But the reality is they can happen to anyone. It’s likely your employee will need to take some time off work to recover, which could have a serious effect on their earnings.

You can help to ease the pain by offering them personal accident insurance as a benefit. Of course, you’d hope they never have to use it, so what you’re really providing them with is peace of mind. And knowing you care about their wellbeing could significantly boost their motivation, productivity, and loyalty to your business.

Income protection plan

What is income protection?
Let’s face it, most people go to work to earn a salary so that they can pay their bills and afford themselves a certain standard of living. And whilst your employee is able to work and earn an income, life is good and bills can be paid.

But what if they suffered an accident or illness that prevented them from working. Unless you operate a generous sick pay policy, their income may end, or at least be significantly reduced. If this happens, how can your employee continue paying their mortgage/rent and living costs? Life could become very difficult for them and this is where an income protection plan comes in.

Why offer income protection?
It pays an income to your employees when they can’t work due to accident or sickness. They can use this money to continue putting a roof over their head, as well as pay their every-day bills and look after loved ones. So it’s an extremely powerful benefit to offer your employees and can make a big difference to someone’s life. For this reason, your employees will view it as a high prized benefit and respect you as an employer for offering it.


Products for your industry

Working every day on a construction site or building job can be hazardous. Cushion the falls your workers can’t see coming.

Your workers face hazards every working day on a construction site or building job. Heavy machinery, working at heights, noise, not to mention potential asbestos. Even if your health and safety is up to scratch and fully compliant, there’s no guarantee your workers won’t suffer an accident or injury.

You can protect them and your business against the unexpected by providing an employee benefit scheme.

With two decades worth of experience protecting businesses just like yours, and a range of plans to offer, we can tailor a scheme ideal for you.

Give your staff a nudge of encouragement to achieve their sales and customer service targets.

In an industry where your customers spend a lot of time talking to your staff, especially as they’re making a decision whether to buy, you need to make sure they’re getting the best possible service. You also need a way of motivating your employees to achieve their sales targets so your business can grow and develop.

That’s where an employee benefit scheme can motivate your staff to deliver an impeccable level of customer service and hit their sales targets.

Take a look at the range of schemes we can offer, all of which can be tailored to suit your business.

Show your staff you care about then with an employee benefit scheme from APRIL UK.

You’ll understand better than anyone how a healthy client relationship is essential to the success of your business. Without clients, you can’t make money. Therefore providing a great service is essential. But how can you ensure this?

Simple. Look after your staff with an employee benefit scheme, and they’ll look after your customers.

Take a look at the range of employee benefit schemes we offer, all of which can be tailored to fit your business.

Regardless of the industry you work in, we can find a scheme ideal for your business.

Every business is different, but they all face a challenge to keep their staff motivated and productive. That’s where an employee benefit scheme can help, regardless of the size of your business or the industry you work in.

Your workers might undertake physical labour on a daily basis and need something to protect their health. Or you might be a results-orientated business, in which case your employees could benefit from an incentive that motivates them to hit their targets.

Find out more about the types of schemes we offer, and how we can tailor one that’s right for your business.