Help to attract and retain talented people

Prove you care about the health and wellbeing of your staff

Keep your employees happy leading to increased loyalty and reduced staff turnover

Lower absenteesim and protect your bottom line

Happy employees
Increase loyalty and motivation

Increase loyalty and motivation

If your staff get sick, or a medical problem affects their work – your business risks losing productivity and, most importantly, revenue.

On the other hand, your employees’ loyalty and motivation could increase as a result of you offering them something that helps to look after their health. They’ll value you as an employer who clearly cares about their wellbeing. Use a private medical insurance scheme as a benefit to attract talented people to join your business.

"I got an excellent policy with April that has been running for many years, staff are always very friendly and answer questions promptly" - William Finlayson

Peace of mind for you and your staff

By offering your employees a benefit scheme, you’re providing them with invaluable peace of mind. If they know they’re protected through one of our plans then they’re likely to feel less stressed. And having a clear and positive mind when they come to work could have a major effect on their output and, most importantly, your bottom line.

And knowing you care about their wellbeing could significantly boost their motivation, productivity, and loyalty to your business.

"Customer service is excellent, always get a quick response and very helpful. I've had my plan 12 years now and I will continue with it." - Steve

Happy staff
Peace of mind

Why choose APRIL UK?

If you’re looking for an insurance provider with an outstanding track record of protecting its customers, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1997 we’ve gained a glowing reputation for upholding some of the toughest service standards in the industry and providing excellent service to thousands of satisfied customers. We’re also part of the APRIL Group, a global insurance brand protecting millions of customers worldwide.

“Wow !!! What a pleasant surprise to speak to someone who cared, knew their products, had great people skills and knew the meaning of Customer Service.” - Keith Mizon


Why put an employee benefit scheme in place?

Employee benefit schemes play a vital role in attracting and keeping a talented workforce.


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