1st August 2018

Following the news that APRIL UK’s private medical insurer has decided to withdraw from the UK insurance market, we can confirm that an arrangement has been agreed with AXA PPP healthcare where ALL APRIL UK private medical insurance customers, either immediately or at renewal, will be offered a new policy with a guarantee of no additional personal medical exclusions forming part of the agreement.

The arrangement means that no APRIL UK private medical insurance policyholder will be left without an offer of continuing their cover at renewal. Please be clear that the arrangement is not for an automatic policy renewal. Customers will have to apply for it, and medical questions/declarations will still be asked - and will be used - to determine the premium for the new policy.

Which customers will AXA PPP healthcare make this offer available to?

In simple terms, ALL existing APRIL UK private medical insurance policyholders will be offered a new policy, regardless of their claims history (including policyholders that are mid-claim). This includes direct and broker customers, both individual and SME. No customer will be rejected that is eligible for UK PMI cover, although naturally, premiums will vary depending on the circumstances of the individual customer.

Are any other APRIL UK customers affected?

No. The withdrawal of the insurer only affects APRIL UK’s private medical insurance policies. No other APRIL UK plans are affected.

Who to contact

  1. If your APRIL UK private medical insurance plan was taken out through a broker, please contact your broker or call AXA PPP healthcare on 0800 3282 198
  2. If you took out your APRIL UK private medical insurance plan directly with us and would like to find out more about the new policy, please call one of AXA PPP’s dedicated Helplines.
              If you hold an Individual (or family) policy please call 0800 678 1690
              If you hold a company policy please call 0800 085 3564
  3. For general matters relating to APRIL UK, please contact our Customer Services team on 0800 028 0849 (Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm excluding public holidays).