28th August 2019

Change in company ownership

With effect from 19th August 2019, the Directors at APRIL UK (Insurance Services) Ltd, Isaac Lam and Peter Taylor, have concluded negotiations with the APRIL Group to acquire 100% of the share capital of APRIL UK (Insurance Services) Ltd and APRIL (Insurety) Ireland DAC.

This transaction has been approved by the FCA. It has no impact on the ownership or activities of APRIL International UK based in London and APRIL Medibroker Limited.

A sustainable and independent business

Since our acquisition by the APRIL Group in 2008, APRIL UK has always been a self-sufficient business, run independently of other APRIL entities in France, using local resources. All investments and costs have always been funded from our own positive cash flow, and we expect this financial position to continue to grow in the foreseeable future. As such, this transaction will not impact our ability to invest in our future in order to pursue our business development goals.

The management team and staff

There will be no changes at APRIL UK/Ireland as a direct result of this – we already employ a great team of people based at our head office in Bristol, and around the UK and Ireland. They will all continue in their current positions and help drive the business forward.

We’ll also continue to offer the same great range of protection plans and unrelenting focus on delivering the very highest levels of customer care.

New name and branding coming!...

The only notable change will be our new name and brand which we’ll be looking to implement in the coming weeks and months. We’ll be in contact with our policyholders and business partners as and when this happens.