How the commute home from work resulted in a £1,500 claim

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June 27, 2017
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August 15, 2017
Find out how a routine commute home from work resulted in a £1,500 payout. Read more.
Nobody enjoys the commute home from work.  Getting stuck in a traffic jam is stressful enough, so the very last thing you want is to suffer an accident to make things even worse…


What happened to John*

After a hard day at the office, John was looking forward to winding down at home.

He started thinking about what to have for dinner…if there was going to be anything good on the TV that night…what bedtime story he could read to his young children.

That’s when his body slammed against the driver door and an acute pain seared through his arm.

How our personal accident plan helped

Instead of agonising over what he could have done to prevent the collision, John remembered he had taken out an APRIL UK Personal Accident Plan.

He made a successful claim of £1,500 for the fracture he suffered to his lower arm.  The money helped to relieve the stress of what happened and, more importantly, it meant he could get back to his normal routine – especially reading bedtime stories to his children.

How our personal accident plan could help you

You might have noticed that John’s accident occurred in perfectly normal circumstances. That is, he wasn’t rock climbing or bungee jumping. He was simply driving home from work.

This proves the peace of mind that our personal accident plan can provide if you suffer an accident. What’s more, the plan:

  • Pays fracture benefits and cash lump sums from serious injuries.
  • There are two types:
    • Premier Plan: Offers 21 fracture benefits and 2 additional cash benefits, with a maximum benefit limit of £60,000during the lifetime of the plan.
    • Premier Plus Plan: Offers all the benefits from the Premier Plan and a further 19** accidental injury benefits, with a maximum benefit limit of £200,000 during the lifetime of the plan.
  • Offers flexible cover as you are able to protect yourself, your partner and your children
  • Covers injuries from winter sports, rugby, football and cricket
  • Doesn’t exclude any occupations (for full information about exclusions please see the policy document)

Find out more about our Personal Accident Plan and the benefits it can offer you by contacting us on 0800 470 4595 today.

*Scenario is based on a genuine customer claim.  The injury sustained and claim paid out are true to the actual incident.

**Based on gold level.