Sports Accident Plan

Our Sport Accident Plan provides a wide range of cash benefits in the event of accident and injury from amateur sport. 

When you take part in sport, your body’s on the line and at risk of injury. And when injury happens, it can cost you financially as well as physically. You may need some time off work to recover and you may also need help getting around. And that’s not to mention the repairs to equipment that you need to pay for, and the possibility of having to buy brand new gear to replace anything that can’t be fixed.

The costs involved in a sports accident can be enough to put you off the sport altogether, but we don’t think that’s right. We believe you should continue to enjoy your sport, safe in the knowledge that if a serious accident takes place, you’ll get money to help with your costs.

That’s why we’ve created the Sports Accident Plan. It’s been designed especially for sportspeople like you and includes a range of benefits to help you get back on your feet. Or saddle. So don’t be left behind, get covered today!

Plan highlights

The Sports Accident Plan pays you cash benefits if you suffer a specified fracture or serious injury while playing amateur sports.

Premiums start from as little as £30 a month
Many high risk sports covered, which may be excluded from other protection plans
Wide range of cash benefits available
Fast application process – no medical questions

"Customer service is excellent, always get a quick response and very helpful. I've had my plan 12 years now and I will continue with it." - Steve

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Sports Accident Plan

All the benefits from the Sports Accident Plan

OUT OF WORK BENEFIT£250 per week£350 per week
This is payable for every full week that you’re unable to work following a sports accident. You’ll receive this benefit until you can return to work, up to a maximum of 26 weeks. No benefit is payable for the first 2 weeks of disablement.
HOSPITALISATION BENEFIT£250 per week£350 per week
This is payable for every full week you’re hospitalised following a sports accident. You’ll receive this benefit until you leave hospital, up to a maximum of 104 weeks. No benefit is payable for the first 2 weeks of hospitalisation.
COMA BENEFIT£250 per week£350 per week
This is payable for every full week you’re in a coma following a sports accident. You’ll receive this benefit until you regain consciousness, up to a maximum of 26 weeks.
This is payable in the event of any of the following, which occur following a sports accident: accidental death, loss of limb, total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one or both eyes, permanent total disablement.

£250 - Open Fracture

£150 - Closed Fracture


£200 - Open Fracture

£125 - Closed Fracture


£150 - Open Fracture

£100 - Closed Fracture

These are payable following a sports accident. A closed fracture is defined as a clean break and the ends of the bone do not penetrate the skin. An open fracture is where the bone penetrates the skin.
*Excluding fingers and toes.

Who is eligible to join?

To take out a Sports Accident Plan you must be:

  • Between the ages of 17 and 60 inclusive
  • Resident in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel
  • Employed and working for a minimum of 16
    hours per week, or self-employed

What's not included?

These are some of the key exclusions

  • Where the accident does not result from participation in sports

  • Fracture benefits during the first 7 days of the plan

  • All combat sports and winter sports races

  • Selected extreme sports

  • Mountaineering and rock climbing

  • Professional sports

Please refer to the Policy Document for a full list of exclusions.

How do I make a claim?

Call the claims team on 0330 8667 2467.


Complimentary benefit

As with all APRIL UK plans, your clients will receive discounted Bupa Health Assessments when they take out a policy - at no additional cost. They'll get 25% off a range of tailored medical assessments, as well as expert guidance on how to improve their health.


The plan in action

John is an experienced motocross rider and races every week. Because of the risks associated with the sport and the fact that he has two dependent children, John decides to take out the Gold level of cover at a cost of £50 a month.

The following month, John is racing in a local time trial when he falls off his bike and takes a nasty fall. He fractures his upper leg and damages the front wheel of his bike in the process.

John is taken to hospital where he stays for a total of four weeks. Because of the seriousness of the fracture and amount of treatment he needs, he needs five weeks off work.

As he’s covered, John receives a total of £2,000 from his Sports Accident Plan. This is calculated as follows:

• Fracture to upper leg = £250
• Four weeks in hospital = £700 (benefits payable after 2 weeks)
• Five weeks out of work = £1,050 (benefits payable after 2 weeks)

John uses his payout to cover household bills and living expenses while he’s unable to work. Plus, he has money left over to fix and service his bike, getting it ready to race with again.


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Can I apply for this plan?
You must be:
› Between the ages of 17 and 60 inclusive
› Resident in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands
› Employed and working for a minimum of 16 hours per week, or self-employed
What do you mean by a closed or open fracture?
A ‘closed’ fracture is where the break is clean and the ends of the bone do not penetrate the skin. If the skin is punctured, the fracture is defined as an ‘open’ fracture.
Who underwrites the plan?
The plan is provided by Pulse Insurance Limited and underwritten by Travelers Syndicate Management Limited.
Are professional sports people covered?
The plan does not cover professional sports people. A professional is defined as any person who derives more than £5,000 income per calendar year from their participation in a sport or activity. Benefits received such as free or reduced cost accommodation, entry fees or clothing are not considered to be income. Any person who has a contract of employment (paid or unpaid), a sports scholarship or where their full-time occupation is undertaking the sport / activity will be considered as a professional.
What sports are included and excluded?
The plan covers the vast majority of sports including football, rugby, motor racing, equestrian sports and winter sports (excluding organised races). However the following sports and activities are excluded: combat sports, winter sports races, mountaineering and rock climbing, cresta run luge, ice swimming, shooting, ultra running (48hrs plus in duration), arm wrestling, Australian rules, base jumping, big walling, bull running, canoeing/kayaking/rafting (above grade 5), deep water soloing, downhill skating, fly boarding, free climbing/running, gravity biking, jet lev, kite skiing/snowboarding, microlight flying, paragliding (without instructor), parkour, sand dune buggying, Segway polo, speed flying and TA training.
How to make a claim?
If you need to make a claim simply call the Claims Team, Sentry Solutions, on 020 8667 2467 or complete the claim form. They will provide you with a claims form to complete and return. As part of their assessment they may request medical information from your GP or treating consultant to confirm the injuries you have suffered. Please ensure you make your claim within 6 months from the date of your accident or injury.
Are there any cancelation fees?
If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your plan, you may cancel it within 14 days from its start date for a full refund, provided that you’ve not made a claim. If you cancel outside the cooling off period, provided you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a pro rata refund of any premium paid, less a 15% cancellation fee (subject to a minimum of £25).
How do we deal with pre-existing conditions?
This plan will not cover claims arising out of or attributable to any physical defect, infirmity or medical condition known to you at the inception date of this insurance. This exclusion shall not apply if the condition has been without the necessity of medical consultation or treatment for 24 consecutive months prior to the commencement date of this insurance. Any medical conditions that are excluded at commencement date of this insurance can become covered once you complete 24 consecutive months without the necessity of medical consultation or treatment.
When does the plan end?
The Sports Accident Plan is an annual policy, and so is renewable every 12 months. If you choose to renew the plan every year, the plan will end on the earliest of the following:
› If you are paid the maximum aggregate benefit on this insurance policy
› If the policy is cancelled by you or the insurer
› If you do not pay your premiums when due
› If you die or cease to be a UK resident
› If you reach 61 years of age at the commencement date of the period of insurance
› In order to be eligible to renew your policy you must meet the criteria as set out in “Can I apply for this plan?”


Can I apply for this plan?
You must be over 18 and under 65 years of age. You also need to be a resident in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Channel Islands. You can choose to cover your partner and children against accidents and fractures for just a small additional premium. Children must be under the age of 18 or 23 years if in full time education.
What do we mean by a fracture?
“Fracture” means a breach in the continuity of the bone caused by an accident which is identified by an x-ray or in the case of a fracture which is unable to be x-rayed, by confirmation from a doctor.
Who underwrites the plan?
Covea Insurance plc
Covea Insurance plc underwrite our Personal Accident Plan. With over 50 years trading experience in the UK, they have an excellent reputation in the industry for serving major financial institutions and having strong service standards.